7 Faith Lessons From the Blazing Furnace

7 Faith Lessons From the Blazing Furnace

1. Faith Must be Firmly in Place. Strengthen your faith today in order to face the trials of tomorrow. (Daniel 1:8-17)

2. Faith belongs to only one God. Never let anything take the first place in your heart. (Daniel 3:1)

3. Faith can never be based on fickle human beings. Our faith is in God, not in people (even people we admire!). (Daniel 3:12)

4. Faith is a stranger to the unbelieving. They can’t see what you can see. (Daniel 3:15b)

5. Faith believes in God, not in the answers. We may never get the answers we seek, but we always have a God who is near. (Daniel 3:16-18)

6. Faith may create angry reactions from unbelievers. Stay faithful anyway. (Daniel 3:19)

7. Faith is always rewarded. Maybe things turn out the way we hope, or maybe it’s just that there is one who is walking through the blazing furnace with us. (Daniel 3:24-27) 

John Dobbs