Seven Elements of Powerful Prayer in Daniel 9

Seven Elements of Powerful Prayer in Daniel 9

1. Powerful Prayer Emerges From God’s Word (vs. 1-2). Being immersed in Scripture has many benefits but one is that from that study emerges powerful prayer. If you don’t have the heart to pray, start with reading Scripture, and let God lead you to prayer.

2. Powerful Prayer Emerges From Acts of Contrition (vs. 3-4a). Daniel turns his face to the Lord and with actions showing his mournful spirit toward the sins of his people. How long since you have hit your knees or laid on the ground in tears for your own sin and disobedience to God?

3. Powerful Prayer Recognizes our Powerful God (vs. 9:4b). We should never pray without taking a moment to consider the God who is listening. His steadfast love allows us into His presence and what a privilege that is!

4. Powerful Prayer Emerges from Words of Confession (vs. 9:5-13). More than just sackcloth and ashes were words so specific about the righteousness of God in punishing them for their betrayal of Him. This is no half-hearted confession. Daniel knew the truth about them and he prayed it to God! He specifically and brazenly confesses their sin and God’s righteousness.

5. Powerful Prayer Praises God’s Character (vs. 14-16). God has rescued many who were tangled in bitter sin, and He can rescue you today. God never acts out of character, so his past actions can illustrate the kind of current actions He will take now.

6. Powerful Prayer Pours Out Requests to God (vs. 17-19). We are better at this practice than the others! But Daniel was specific in what he asks for, and he asks in faith: O Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive; O Lord, listen and act and do not delay! (vs 19).

7. Powerful Prayer Receives Powerful Attention (vs. 20-23). What happens in heaven when God’s people pray? God always hears our prayers immediately, even if it seems to us that his answer delays. We may not see how God is answering our prayers but He is listening and acting.

“There was nothing impersonal about Daniel’s praying. It always had an objective, and was an appeal to a great God, who could do all things.” – E. M. Bounds, The Weapon of Prayer

John Dobbs

7 Faith Lessons From the Blazing Furnace

7 Faith Lessons From the Blazing Furnace

1. Faith Must be Firmly in Place. Strengthen your faith today in order to face the trials of tomorrow. (Daniel 1:8-17)

2. Faith belongs to only one God. Never let anything take the first place in your heart. (Daniel 3:1)

3. Faith can never be based on fickle human beings. Our faith is in God, not in people (even people we admire!). (Daniel 3:12)

4. Faith is a stranger to the unbelieving. They can’t see what you can see. (Daniel 3:15b)

5. Faith believes in God, not in the answers. We may never get the answers we seek, but we always have a God who is near. (Daniel 3:16-18)

6. Faith may create angry reactions from unbelievers. Stay faithful anyway. (Daniel 3:19)

7. Faith is always rewarded. Maybe things turn out the way we hope, or maybe it’s just that there is one who is walking through the blazing furnace with us. (Daniel 3:24-27) 

John Dobbs

Five Discipleship Goals for 2018


Five Discipleship Goals for 2018

1. READ YOUR BIBLE DAILY. (1 Peter 2:2)

Read your Bible daily, if you would be strong

To witness for Jesus and overcome wrong;

“I’m busy” you say, as you lay it aside

But when you neglect it you’ll surely backslide.

2. KEEP LOOKING TO JESUS. (Colossians 3:17)

Keep looking to Jesus, He never can fail

And walk in His footsteps in every detail;

The world’s bright attractions will fade from sight

When you look to Jesus, your Savior and Light.


Pray without ceasing, you can count on Him

Who cleanses and keeps you a victor o’er sin:

There’s nothing so great that our God cannot do,

And nothing so small that He won’t do for you.

4. CONFESS HIM TO OTHERS. (Matthew 10:32)

Confess Him to others, be bold for your King

To those who are living in darkness and sin;

What help can you better to all recommend,

Than this blessed Jesus – the needy one’s Friend?


Do something for Jesus, He did all for you,

Your Joy is complete when His will you do;

So seeking to please Him through each new day

His presence shall gladden each step of your way.

(Author Unknown)

Preacher’s Post

We ran the following in our church bulletin this week. I think it’s a great reminder of the importance and vitality of the Word of God. JD

There It Stands

Empires rise and fall and are forgotten—There it stands.

Dynasty succeeds dynasty—There it stands.

Kings are crowned and uncrowned—There it stands.

Emperors decree its extermination—There it stands.

Despised and torn to pieces—There it stands.

Storms of hate swirl about it—There it stands.

Atheists rail against it—There it stands.

Agnostics smile cynically—There it stands.

Profane prayerless punsters caricature it—There it stands.

Unbelief abandons it—There it stands.

Higher critics deny its claim to inspiration—There it stands. Thunderbolts of wrath smite it—There it stands.

An anvil that has broken a million hammers—There it stands.

The flames are kindled about it—There it stands.

The arrows of hate are discharged against it—There it stands. Radicalism rants and raves about it—There it stands.

Fogs of sophistry conceal it temporarily—There it stands.

The tooth of time gnaws but dents it not—There it stands.

Infidels predict its abandonment—There it stands.

Modernism tries to explain it away—There it stands.

Devotees of folly denounce it—There it stands.

It is God’s highway to Paradise. It is the light on the pathway in the darkest night. It leads business men to integrity and uprightness. It is the great consoler in bereavement. It awakens men and women opiated by sin. It answers every great question of the soul. It solves every great problem of life. It is a fortress often attacked but never failing. Its wisdom is commanding and its logic convincing. Salvation is its watchword. Eternal life its goal. It punctures all pretense. It is forward-looking, outward-looking, and upward-looking. It outlives, outlifts, outloves, outreaches, outranks, outruns all other books. Trust it, love it, obey it, and Eternal Life is yours.

A. Z. Conrad (1855-1937)