Sunday at Forsythe


A Miracle so important that all four gospel writers include it in their story of Jesus. Jesus feeds a crowd of 5,000 + with just a few loaves and fishes. Sunday morning at 10:30 we will study this miracle and you’re invited! Sunday night at 6:00 we will continue a look at this parable in a Bible class discussion.

Parables From The Garden


This Sunday we will conclude our series on Parables From The Garden with a study of the parable of the mustard seed. How can something so small be so significant? You are invited to join us at 10:30 Sunday morning. To catch the first two messages in this series, click on the SERMON tab above.


Vacation Bible School

July 28-30 at Forsythe Church of Christ!

Monday – Tuesday are 9-12 with lunch provided.

Wednesday is at 6:00 pm with refreshments provided.

Classes for Pre-K – 5th Grade


New Wednesday Night Study for Adults Begins August 6th. We will be studying Larry Osborne’s book Sticky Church!


Wednesday Night Class: Spiritual Warfare


If Satan can continue to control the mind of an unsaved individual, he will be able to keep him from being saved. The only way for him to do this is to keep the person blinded to the gospel, for anyone in his “right” mind will choose Jesus over Satan and heaven over hell EVERY single time!

– Lee E. Thomas, Praying Effectively for the Lost.


Tonight we conclude our study of Praying Effectively For the Lost with a study on Spiritual Warfare. Join us at 6:00!

Classes for teens and children as well.